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SKA Grand Prix 2015 Stage 1 Results |HERE| Table |HERE|

The May Black & Brown  belt course & Dan grading will be on Saturday 30th May at Castlepark Community  Centre, 4  Castlepark Road, Irvine.

 Course 1.00-  2.30 p.m., grading  2.30pm  onwards.

Fees are course only  children £3 adults £3.50, 1st Dan £20, 2nd Dan £25, 3rd Dan  £30

The course is open to all black & brown belts and an official letter will be sent to everybody around the 1st May.

SKA National Championships Results HERE GP Stage II results HERE | GP Championship standings HERE Congratulations to the successful Shodan Grade passes on 30th May SENIORS: Connor McArthur and Gavin Hollywood JUNIORS: Emma Lambert, Nicole Tait, Heather McNiven-Cobley Good luck to the SKA squad representing Scotland at the WUKF European Championships In Belgium Kanzen Karate presents Christophe Pinna in Scotland, register HERE